Permanent Innovation

… is the constant drive four our advance in technology. To keep and strengthen this position, 10% of our employees work in the area research & development.

Innovation is based on experience and history. Since 1779 we have been implementing many decisive technical innovations - and for just as long have we been cultivating enduring customer relations based on true partnership.


Steady Process of Change

Today, more than 150 experienced developers are permanently working at Kurtz Ersa to bring new innovations to the market - in total, about 10% of the employees work in the field of research & development. The Kurtz Ersa corporation is already technology respectively world market leader in many of its business areas. Numerous patents and awards prove our constant drive towards innovation. Adopting a steady process of change, we adapt our products to the rapidly changing requirements of the market, while at the same time developing a sustainable technology and innovation roadmap.