Ersa Rework Systems

… for the professionel repair of components and a secure value creation.

Ersa Rework Systems ensure the professional repair of electronic assemblies and protect the value added for its users. The task of desoldering, placement and resoldering all types of SMD components can easily and quickly be learned by any user.


Thousandfold proven IR Technology

On account of the exact temperature control, even a "one piece" repair of a component is successfully possible. For the heating technology, Ersa - as the only manufacturer to do so - consequently relies on the homogeneous heating up of the board assembly and the components with medium wave length IR emitters or gentle hybrid emitters. The latter combine the proven and trusted IR technology with a convection heater. For the placement of the components, camera based systems are applied. They enable components to be placed, either manually or automatically, with an accuracy of +/-25 µm.