Ersa Soldering Tools

The embodiment of quality and reliability, convincing through steadily advancing technology.

For decades now, Ersa Soldering Tools are the embodiment of quality and reliability. They also stand out on account of their continuous advance in technology. The i-CON soldering stations, for example, possess with the i-TOOL one of the most powerful hand soldering iron (150 W) with exchangeable tip.


Consistent Soldering Quality

On all professional solder- and desolder tools, the temperature is captured directly at the soldering tip. And only a constant top temperature is the assurance for a constant soldering quality.


In other was as well, Ersa soldering stations present
its user technological details, which will facilitate and
simplify his daily work:


  • Plain text display in the language of the country
  • Motion sensor in the handgrip
  • Standby and sleeping mode
  • Interfaces to peripherals
  • and much more


Convince yourself!