Kurtz Ersa runs Industry 4.0

Modern communication and information technologies connect people and machines. The digitisation and networking of smallest components up to highly complex systems lead to significantly increased productivity.

With the Kurtz Ersa CONNECT platform, we offer an integrated hardware and software infrastructure that ranges from the machine portfolio to standardized interfaces of customer systems. Kurtz Ersa´s digital offerings are accessible independent of location and device and increase the reliability and availability of each individual plant. Where in the past a situation-specific response was required, information can now be evaluated and interpreted in advance on the basis of data.


  • Increase of service speed/quality and process reliability
  • Obtaining important data for process and machine monitoring
  • Profit from digital solution concepts
  • Use of expert know-how through integrated digital service and training processes
  • Securing competitiveness through increased efficiency and better capacity utilisation of the total systems

Ersa developers use Industry 4.0 as a powerful tool to significantly improve processes and technological sustainability on the customer side. Industry 4.0 is used as a tool to further improve existing processes in the following areas:


  • Smart Services: Increase of service quality
  • Smart Machine: Improvement of process quality of Ersa plants
  • Smart Production: 100% transparency in the production process


Take the next step with us towards digital production and make your VERSAFLOW 4 fit for the future. Industry 4.0 is the tool to further improve existing processes in the areas of Smart Service, Smart Machine and Smart Production.


Contact us and let us work with you to define the added value that will make your production even more efficient.


Write to nicolas.bartschat@kurtzersa.de or call directly at 09342 800-244.

Nicolas Bartschat - Product Manager Digitisation 4.0, Ersa GmbH

General Brochures

Smart Services

  • Intelligent Ticket System ... optimizes the service process and serves the fast, efficient solution of error situations at Ersa plants
  • Remote Service ... fast elimination of faults on Ersa systems through reliable remote diagnosis and fast initial assistance
  • E-Learning ... access to digital process and machine knowledge in the form of interactive training

Smart Machine

  • Application for real-time monitoring of relevant machine and process data with access to machine sensors and other measuring systems.
  • Basis for predictive maintenance
  • Increased transparency in production through real-time monitoring
  • Reduced downtime and increased equipment life
  • Early intervention in case of deviations, significantly faster reaction times
  • User-oriented live visualization

Smart Production

  • Digital machine database
  • Live info: Customer data, general machine information, current configuration (with visual display), location of the machine
  • Documents: Customer acceptance reports (MFU), service reports and instructions, security documents, waybills/customs documents
  • OEE Dashboard
  • Tracing solution of assemblies and product carriers in connection with manual workstations, periphery, inspection solutions and Kurtz Ersa systems for 100% process traceability


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