Dip&Print Station

Article No.: 0PR100
Defined application of flux and solder paste during rework

Dip&Print Station with squeegee und some stencils and intakes
Dip&Print Station with squeegee und some stencils and intakes
Frame with printed MLF
Lifting MLF32 with PL550 out of the stencil

All the right moves for rework: simply print on the connections or dip them in

  • Preparation of components with solder paste or flux
  • Simpler, more reliable and repeatable application
  • Standard dip stencils for many uses (flux or dippable solder paste)
  • Component specific print stencils according to customer requirement
  • Suitable adapters for Ersa Rework Systems
  • Cleaning and drying of stencils in the station


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Stock No. Description
0PR100-D001 Dip stencil 40 x 40 / 300 µm
0PR100-D002 Dip stencil 20 x 20 / 150 µm
0PR100-D003 Dip stencil 20 x 20 / 100 µm
0PR100-D004 Dip stencil 40 x 40 / 100 µm
0PR100-PL550 Frame fixation PL 550
0PR100-PL650 Frame fixation PL 650
0PR100-R001 Squeegee 70 x 25 mm, 0.3 mm dick
0PR100-S001 Print stencil, Type 1, BGA 225
0PR100-S002 Print stencil Type 2, MLF 32
0PR100-S003 Print stencil Type 2, QFN 20



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