Lived Quality Management System

Our Management System is the essential basis for a systematic control of all processes – therefore we have incorporated the sustainability aspect into it.

As basic demand our Management System is geared to the norms ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISO/IEC 27001, ONR 49000ff. Find out more about our certifications

Kurtz Ersa is technologically leading or even world market leader in many fields. In order to be able to produce products that are innovative, technologically advanced and in line with our customers′ quality expectations, we must ensure that all our business processes are precisely described and complied with.


Process Efficiency - the key to success

Our management system is controlled by the definition of processes, which are implemented by means of the leading SAP ERP System. In this way we can ensure that business processes are implemented in a way that is unified worldwide and corresponds to the definitions - in the Moulding Machines and Electronics Production Equipment divisions, in our foundries and in Metal Sheet Technology; in China, America and our sites throughout Germany. To ensure that our processes are as streamlined and efficient as possible, we rely to a great extent on electronic processes.

The SAP landscape of Kurtz Ersa