The Kurtz Ersa Philosophy

Important to us and our employees, but also for our suppliers, customers and partners – our corporate guidelines.

Definitely important to us - the Kurtz Ersa Philosophy
Kurtz Ersa Philosophy

The common strategic goal throughout all Kurtz Ersa companies is to play an important role in a strategically defined region and to be a leader in technology. The owning family, currently in its sixth generation, holds the partner´s interest shares and leads the companies that make up the Kurtz Ersa Corporation.

Building on this tradition, we have a personal interest in securing this inherited ownership and to continue to hand it down to the future generations. For this reason, our business activities are all concentrated on long-term success.


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The global markets force us to offer an above-average performance in all of our business fields. To meet this challenge, we encourage our employees, promote them, and recognize their performance.

Customer Orientation

How can we help our customers to improve the value of their businesses? This question is the center of our activities. Customer orientation at Kurtz Ersa ranges from the direct contact with our business partners and prospective customers about a secure, competent, punctual and cost-effective project execution to the development of our internal organization and communication. During everything that we do, the customer remains our focal point.



We would like to do our part to protect and preserve the environment. As a producing company we have a particular responsibility and must not pollute the environment more than necessary.

Suggestions or further ways for us to be able to keep improving our contribution to environmental protection are always welcomed.


Long-term existence can only be achieved through continuous improvement. Looking for ways to improve and acting upon them is an obligation to the entire Kurtz Ersa Corporation. Every employee, as well as the Kurtz Ersa Corporation itself has to benefit from this philosophy. We continuously find ways to improve in all areas. No structure, process, product, or resource is good enough not to need any improvement within a world of constant change.



Quality is not just a coincidence to us, but rather the result of clear goals and guidelines at every level of our information, developmental, and production processes.