Revolutionary Kurtz RF Technology at K 2019


Kreuzwertheim/Düsseldorf, 25. October 2019
At K 2019, Kurtz GmbH presented the revolutionary RF technology, an absolute world first for the production of moulded parts made of particle foam. Under the motto “CIRCULAR FOAM – THE FUTURE”, the innovative steamless processing technology exactly has the finger on the pulse.

With the new WAVE FOAMER shape moulding machine, which foams exclusively with electrical energy, Kurtz is setting the course for more stable and energy-efficient processing of particle foams – with energy savings of up to 90% and a recycling rate of at least 70%. Polar molecule chains in the dielectric alternating field are made to oscillate by means of electromagnetic waves. In addition to new particle foams with high temperature resistance and fusion temperatures of up to 250 °C, biodegradable materials and EPP will soon also be processable with the new RF technology. At K 2019, Kurtz Particle Foam Machines demonstrated the process with EPS panels, which were produced live at the Kurtz booth. Four times a day, interested visitors have occupied the Kurtz booth. Since the WAVE FOAMER is fusioning from the inside to the outside – which leads to a clearly better result – the professional audience has been able to state only positive results in a first visual quality check following the demonstration: better fusion, higher dimensional stability, more tensile strength.

Energy savings of up to 90 percent
Kurtz is thus setting a new benchmark in the plastics industry for the processing of particle foams – the process achieves a recycling material proportion of over 70 percent in EPS moulded parts. Depending on the material used, the RF technology achieves energy savings of up to 90 percent. Moreover, the new shape moulding machine reduces the peripheral equipment by eliminating the former combination of steam and pressure. RF does not require any expensive media installation, steam generation plants nor cooling tower installations with water basins.

Managing Director Uwe Rothaug is enthusiastic about the positive response from the professional audience: “Since 2017, the Kurtz engineers around Technology Dircector Victor Romanov have given their best and were now proud to present the new steamless RF technology at the K trade fair. We are very pleased that our new process has met with such great interest – now we have to answer the great demand for specific projects.” Harald Sommer, General Manager Business Unit Particle Foam Machines, also returns to Spessart satisfied: “Under the motto ‘CIRCULAR FOAM – THE FUTURE’ we are showing our contribution to the future with the WAVE FOAMER. We are striving to increase the current 70 percent recycling rate to 100 percent in the EPS moulding as quickly as possible. We will also intensify the tests with other materials in order to increase the recycling percentage to a maximum here as well.”