Stop global warming

RF technology reduces carbon dioxide emissions

For our planet: Considerable CO2 savings with the Kurtz WAVE FOAMER
For our planet: Considerable CO2 savings with the Kurtz WAVE FOAMER
Stop global warming by reducing CO2 emissions!

Kreuzwertheim, 01.10.2020

As a leading industrial nation, Germany bears a special responsibility for global climate change. The climatic changes lead to a global threat to humanity and the biosphere. In order to achieve the climate targets, the German government presented key points for a climate protection program 2030 in September 2019. Greenhouse gas emissions play a key role in climate protection and, above all, in global warming. One thing is clear: CO2 emissions are not a temporary problem. They must be constantly reduced to prevent global warming above 1.5 °C!

Corona crisis affects CO2 emissions - but only temporarily

The corona lockdown is credited with lower CO2 emissions. As reported by the trade journal "Nature Climate Change", an international team of researchers estimates that the global daily values during the lockdown were up to 17% lower than the 2019 average. In Germany, the values at peak times of corona restrictions had temporarily fallen by more than a quarter, according to the report. However, to achieve a permanently low value, the economy will have to undergo structural changes. In order to limit global warming, emissions have to fall constantly every year.

The crisis caused a temporary drop in global energy consumption, but the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere still continued to rise. The fact that the CO2 content of the atmosphere is still rising is due to the long time carbon dioxide remains in the atmosphere. Oceans and land regions currently absorb about half of the CO2 emitted by humanity. The rest remains in the air for about a century. Even a smaller increase in CO2 thus leads to an increase in the concentration in the atmosphere - and thus to an increased greenhouse effect.

In 2019, for example, a total of around 805 million tons of greenhouse gases will be emitted in Germany. According to the Federal Environment Agency, emissions in industry fell by more than seven million tons compared to 2018 due to less fuel consumption and greater energy efficiency. These figures urgently need to be reduced further! Kurtz offers a revolutionary solution for the manufacturers of applications made of particle foams.

RF technology significantly improves CO2 footprint

For the plastics industry the Kurtz WAVE FOAMER is an outstanding role model. Its particle foam fusion process based on radio frequency technology finally offers a sustainable solution for the plastics industry. Compared to the manufacturing process using steam, the Kurtz WAVE FOAMER achieves tremendous savings in CO2 emissions. Due to its operation with electromagnetic waves, it can be easily connected via plug-and-play in the production hall. Since no complex media installation is necessary (no steam generation system or cooling tower installation), it requires considerably less space and can also be used directly at the customer´s site. It is only necessary to ensure a dry environment. Transport routes are also considerably reduced, leading to less CO2 emissions, and parts can be produced "just in sequence".

100% reusability with RF

With the WAVE FOAMER, for example, thermal insulation panels can be produced. The material EPS remains unbeatable for insulation in buildings and to avoid energy loss. EPS does not age or rot and therefore remains a solution for the complete life cycle of the building. And even afterwards, the material can be further processed in a resource-saving manner and returned to the cycle. The WAVE FOAMER can shine with a further processing value of at least 90%. This recycling rate is outstanding, as the standard steam process can only offer 20%.

The energetic production cost of EPS in the WAVE FOAMER is so low that after only a few months the primary energy consumption is recovered due to the excellent insulation performance of EPS and thus saved heating energy. About 40% of the primary energy consumption in Germany is in the building sector. Thus, RF technology also helps to achieve a low CO2 balance with regard to the product life cycle of its manufactured applications.

Climate protection concerns us all. In order to literally limit the consequences for us and our future generations, we must act now! For more information on how you too can help save our planet by saving resources, contact Kurtz GmbH at or +49 9342 807-0.