Furnace Exchange Systems

for furnaces from 300 up to 3,300 kg capacity


Intelligent Kurtz furnace shuttle systems ensure highest machine availabilities, increasing productive times and reducing scrap. And best of all: Besides best part quality Kurtz systems save energy at the same time.

Best metal quality for challenging cast parts

The use of aluminum for security-relevant components and highly stressed parts define higher metal quality requirements. Kurtz solves such requirements by providing various furnace exchange systems.

In addition to turntable solutions, Kurtz offers guided furnace exchange systems to assure extremely quick furnace exchanges while allowing the metal caster to prepare the metal in the furnace - this results in the highest metal qualities and minimum scrap levels due to furnace changeovers. Compared to other solutions on the market, the appeal of the Kurtz concept lies in solid engineering and high machine utilization. Through careful coordination of all components during the developmental and engineering process, it is our goal to optimize our customer´s production process and profitability.