Kurtz Trimming Presses

Different make-ups and clever options for profitable and future-proof trimming.


  • Chassis parts, Structural Parts and Drive Train

Trimming Presses C-Frame Design

  • Kurtz KPC C-Design Presses:
    no columns, no interfering contours

Trimming Presses Column

  • Kurtz KPS Trimming Presses Column Version:
    large installation space and free access for automation

Trimming Presses with Sliding-Tilting Table

  • Kurtz KPS-Trimming Presses Column Version with Sliding-Tilting Table

Fast-Running Presses

  • Kurtz KPC SO:
    Profitable Trimming
    of large series

Kurtz Turnkey

  • Automation: From Cast Part Finishing to special requests - we supply profitable solutions!