Kurtz POWerBoard

With the Industrial Internet of Things and the dynamic control tool Kurtz POWerBoard, you can specifically increase the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

More OEE with Industrial IOT

Kurtz offers intelligent solutions to further enhance process reliability and increase speed and quality of service. The new digital solution Kurtz POWerBoard tracks down different qualities of produced parts. After all, production parameters are subject to numerous influencing variables and are only apparently based on identical conditions.
As a dynamic control tool, the Kurtz POWerBoard recognizes these influencing variables and optimizes the overall process. This results in fewer unscheduled machine downtimes, more efficient utilization of the entire machine park and increased service speed. In short: with the Kurtz POWerBoard you increase your overall system efficiency (OEE)!

Kurtz POWerBoard ... Advantages

  • Overview of complete machinery and production sites worldwide
  • Quality/control function
  • Worldwide access via cloud
  • One-way communication
  • Secure server management


  • Various Kurtz Dashboards
  • Downtime tracking
  • Remote maintenance
  • Customer portal
  • Service requests via ticket system
  • Remote monitoring
  • Various artificial intelligence modules


Kurtz POWerBoard (PDF)