Steamless Foaming - Smart Fusion.

Kurtz WAVE FOAMER: energy-efficient steamless foaming
Kurtz WAVE FOAMER: energy-efficient steamless foaming
Fusion of the material beads from inside to outside for a perfect core fusion
Polar molecules in the electromagnetic field
WAVE FOAMER: Automatic moulding machine with a remarkably high proportion of recycled material
EPS packaging
EPS insulation board


Kurtz WAVE FOAMER - process video


The revolutionary RF technology makes the fusion of particle foams without steam a reality! There is no need for complex media installation – in other words, no steam generation system or cooling tower installation with water basin is required. With the Kurtz WAVE FOAMER, high-temperature resistant particle foams with welding temperatures of up to 250 °C can be processed.

In addition, a recycling rate of ≥70% has already been achieved for EPS, with the goal of 100%. Now with the revolutionary Kurtz RF technology, perfect core fusion can be achieved from the inside to the outside using electromagnetic waves – and energy costs can be saved at the same time: At EPS we are talking about energy savings of up to 90%!


  • Very high energy savings
  • Perfect core welding from inside to outside
  • For new particle foams with high temperature resistance
  • Also ideal for high densities, e.g. EPS with over 200 g/l
  • No time-consuming media installation
  • Production of moulded parts with high recycling content


  • Robot systems for the insertion and removal of moulded parts
  • Quality inspection station e.g. weight determination or optical measurement
  • Barcode allocation
  • Conveyor systems for connection to packaging lines

Kurtz 4.0

  • Central Management System 4.0 – mobile control station, worldwide access
  • Insert/Eject Control 4.0 – optical forming/demolding control
  • Remote Service 4.0 – real-time troubleshooting
  • Füllinjektor mit i-CAP – intelligent filler maintenance