Operational Safety

Observing safety standards, avoiding downtime. Turn to Kurtz for support!

Machinery Inspection and Audits

The requirements with regard to machinery safety are regulated in the Machinery Directive (MRL, Directive 2006/42/EG). As the operator of the system, you bear full responsibility for operational safety. Our qualified specialists would be pleased to support you in determining the potential safety risks.

Because machine safety has top priority at Kurtz. Our experienced specialists identify even barely noticeable safety shortcomings in your Kurtz machine. Safety problems can be recognised in good time with a site audit. Furthermore, our experts carry out professional safety audits and safety briefings and, as qualified technicians, are authorised to issue DGUV safety certificates.

Predictive Maintenance

With the brand-new digital Kurtz POWerBoard solution, you will be able to detect quality variation in your manufactured end products even from a distance. The sensors installed in your individual machines and lines allow system data to be collected and analysed on an ongoing basis. The overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is permanently monitored on the basis of specific quality, performance and availability parameters. In this way, the performance of your worldwide production sites can be compared in tabular form.

Inform yourself about the Kurtz POWerBoard and obtain a high ROI quickly and at low risk through interconnection in your production! Have a word with us.

Remote Service

The industrial Internet of Things (IoT) is changing our production processes and the entire manufacturing industry. Digitalised processes, products and services create new levels of efficiency. Act in good time and become a forerunner in your area with Kurtz!

With the aid of your VPN connection, we are able to remotely access your machines around the world and provide malfunction diagnoses and software adaptation. Fewer unplanned machinery downtimes, an efficient use of the capacity of all your machinery and the increase in service speed are just some of the numerous benefits to you.