Staff Qualification

Internal know-how means a high level of availability for your plant. Plan your qualification measures with Kurtz!

  • Training Courses: Having good staff pays off – a qualified workforce exploits the potential of machinery and software to a maximum and gives you a direct edge over the competition. Benefit from our extensive know-how, which we make available to customers around the world. Kurtz offers both seminars and individual training courses. The course group is made up entirely of staff from your company. The course content can be specially adapted to your requirements.


  • Service Training: With our service training, your staff will be able to help themselves in the event of machine malfunction. It often takes very little to get a system up and running again. Even if the operator is unable to rectify the fault himself, the training will allow him to analyse the cause exactly. This supports the work of our service technicians; downtimes are reduced to a minimum, saving on working time and costs.

Initial Training on Machinery

At Kurtz, initial training in the case of new installation comes as part of the package. Often, however, extensive initial training is required for tool trials and when machinery is being moved. Here our specialists support your team in determining the optimum process parameters and tool settings.

It is important to us that your staff know-how always meets the latest standards. Our aim is to consistently eliminate incorrect operation of the system and guarantee the reproducible quality and quantity of your final product.


Our Kurtz service technician inspects all safety-relevant factors in your machine every year. The annual DGUV Regulation 3 inspection is an essential element in this. When there are no risks associated with the machinery, and all safety standards have been observed, you are awarded a corresponding safety certificate.