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Kurtz Ersa Automation – systems integrator of automation technology
Kurtz Ersa Automation – systems integrator of automation technology
Olaf Klink, Managing Director at Kurtz Ersa Automation GmbH

Wertheim, 20.01.2020

As of January 1, 2020, Conline GmbH was officially renamed Kurtz Ersa Automation GmbH. In order to meet current market and customer requirements and to act internationally as a system integrator, the name change accompanied focusing its range of services on automation technology.

To this end, a well-coordinated Kurtz Ersa team of engineers has been working intensively for three years to develop intelligent solutions for automation projects in industrial production. Following the name change at the beginning of 2020, "Kurtz Ersa Automation" will now become the official and central contact point for automation competency in the Kurtz Ersa Corporation. On the one hand, as in previous years, automation concepts will be realized with the in-house, established brands Kurtz and Ersa, and on the other hand, the existing know-how in automation technology will now also be made available to the international market of various industries. One example is a current project from the automotive industry. In this, a fully automated solution in the field of electronic module assembly includes the integration of the Ersa soldering technology. Altogether, a holistic turnkey solution has been realized with proven, robust components and systems from the Kurtz Ersa Corporation.


Whether internal or external – as a full member of the experienced machine manufacturer Kurtz Ersa, Kurtz Ersa Automation supplies tailor-made systems that convince in terms of functionality, quality and adherence to delivery dates. Kurtz Ersa Automation focuses on the automation of complex assembly and testing processes, taking into account the logistical aspects in order to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0, too.


Focusing on automation technology, there is also a change in the management at the Wertheim location: Ersa Managing Director Ralph Knecht is now again devoting himself primarily to his tasks for Ersa GmbH. He is handing over his responsibilities regarding the former Conline GmbH to Olaf Klink who takes over the function of Managing Director of Kurtz Ersa Automation GmbH. Since the beginning of January 2020, Olaf Klink has been focusing on strategics for the system integrator as well as on sales. The 51-year-old has 20 years of professional and international management experience in the field of automation, including major success in the automotive industry. Olaf Klink brings along the knowledge that Kurtz Ersa Automation needs for its new alignment. "Treat the impossible as if it was possible" is the credo of the Osnabruck-born. This bon mot, which goes back to Goethe, is symbolic of Kurtz Ersa Automation's approach to face future tasks and to position itself in automation technology as a solution provider for complex tasks. The demand for complex, far-reaching and holistic automation systems is unbroken. Kurtz Ersa Automation will exploit the potential that lies in automation technology.


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