Kurtz Ersa informs: COVID-19


Kreuzwertheim/Wertheim, 19.03.2020

COVID-19 has recently come to dominate global events. The coronavirus, which is rampant worldwide, has now reached Europe and Germany and has led to numerous restrictions in the business and public-private environment. The Kurtz Ersa Group is reacting to the increasing spread of the coronavirus with a comprehensive crisis programme:


  • Shortly after the outbreak of the virus in Asia, a crisis team was set up, which exchanges information on a daily basis, decides on necessary measures and brings them to direct implementation. In doing so, we are pursuing the goal of both minimizing the internal risk of infection and securing the functionality of the company, as well as maintaining production and supply to our customers.

  • The Kurtz Ersa production and assembly plants are working according to plan and our worldwide logistics network is currently fully functional. The inventories built up guarantee a smooth production process. We are in close dialogue with our suppliers to minimise default risks and secure our supply chain.

  • The Kurtz Ersa Group reduces the internal risk of infection to a minimum with targeted measures; internal and external events have been cancelled or postponed. Business trips between the company´s locations in Germany and Europe are suspended for the time being – as are professional trips to non-European countries. Instead, the exchange with customers takes place virtually via telephone and/or video conferences.

  • Numerous Kurtz Ersa employees have been working in the home office since this week and can still be reached under the familiar contact details for their contacts and colleagues. Personal on-site appointments or customer visits to the German locations are suspended until further notice – we are actively switching to digital communication channels.


The further development of the COVID-19 pandemic can hardly be predicted at present – we are doing everything necessary to slow down and thus contain the further spread of the virus, to protect our employees as best as possible and at the same time to maintain operations as smoothly as possible. CEO Rainer Kurtz informed all employees of the Group in a personal letter today and appealed to the sense of responsibility of his staff. With regard to the current economic situation, he said: “Our order backlog is currently satisfactory and the project situation for new business is intact. The Kurtz Ersa Group is certainly better equipped than the average in German industry both in terms of capital and liquidity. Of course, we too must prepare ourselves for cost savings, short-time work, recruitment restraint and an investment freeze, but we will do so with a sense of proportion – and wherever our workforce is affected, we will always bear in mind our social responsibility.”


The management of the Kurtz Ersa Group wishes all business partners all the best, health and success in the joint fight against the coronavirus.