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Principles for our business relationship with suppliers

"We apply the same principles to business relationships with our suppliers as we do to business relationships with customers. In particular we have an open and partner-like relationship, being the key for a long-term cooperation. Price negotiations are executed in a consequent manner and with orientation to the result, but always open, objective and fair. All areas of the Kurtz Ersa Group work together in a cross-functional way in order to determine potentials for savings.

This is what we expect from our suppliers, as well."



Our vision: “Our technological lead optimizes our customers’ production processes” has resulted in the following targets in the area of procurement:

  • Assurance of  the Kurtz Ersa Group delivery service
  • Continual improvement of the mutual processes and products
  • Assurance of competitive purchasing prices through the implementation of improvements to reduce our suppliers’ costs
  • Integration of the suppliers in the value-added chains

Prerequisites for cooperation

A long-term partnership requires mutual fundamental values and targets. The formal groundwork to this effect is based on the following documents:



We have implemented a supplier portal for our suppliers and applicants.

If you are interested, use this link.



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