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Principles for our business relationship with suppliers

"We apply the same principles to business relationships with our suppliers as we do to business relationships with customers. In particular we have an open and partner-like relationship, being the key for a long-term cooperation. Price negotiations are executed in a consequent manner and with orientation to the result, but always open, objective and fair. All areas of the Kurtz Ersa Group work together in a cross-functional way in order to determine potentials for savings.


This is what we expect from our suppliers, as well."



Based on our vision "Our competitive lead in technology optimizes quality, costs and delivery service in our customers´ production process" we laid down the following aims for our purchasing division:

  • Ensuring the Kurtz Ersa Group´s delivery service
  • Continuous improvement of the common processes and products
  • Ensuring competitive purchase prices by realization of improvements to reduce the suppliers´ costs
  • Integration of suppliers into the chain of economic value added (according to Toyota´s corporate principle "concentration on value-adding activities")


The procurement of Kurtz Ersa is divided into a strategic and an operational part. The corporate division Procurement and Logistics of the Kurtz Holding GmbH & Co. Beteiligungs KG takes the corporate responsibility for all purchasing activities of the Kurtz Ersa Group:

  • Selection and building of strategic suppliers
  • Coordination of global procurement
  • Increase and safeguarding of synergetic effects
  • Controlling of stocks worldwide


Besides, the corporate division Procurement and Logistics purchases non-production materials, for example telecommunication, services and investment goods. Production materials such as raw materials, steel, electronic and hydraulic components or mechanic assemblies are procured by the purchasing departments of the single Kurtz Ersa subsidiaries and factories.

The master data currently includes 65,000 active materials which are divided into 100 commodity groups (according to the German Statistics Office register). These materials are planned by the single factories.



We provide the following instruments in order to integrate our suppliers into the supply chain:

  • Link to our ERP system SAP R/3
  • Integration into our E-procurement system "Enterprise Buyer Professional"
  • Integration into our forecast system with supply schedule
  • KANBAN processes and consignment
  • Supplier audits
  • Supplier days
  • SRM


Prerequisites for cooperation

Common core values and aims are essential to us for a long-term partnership. The following documents form a formal basis for this purpose:



At the moment, we need the following materials:

  • Any materials for mechanical engineering as far as mechanics and electronics are concerned
  • Raw materials, auxiliaries and utilities for iron casting
  • Sheet metal in different qualities


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