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Automatic Rework System Ersa HR 600/3P

Automatic rework - intuitive use

Article-No.: 0HR600/3P-VER3

The Ersa Rework System HR 600/3P enables automatic repair of SMT components such as BGA and MLF up to edge lengths of 1 x 1 mm with precision and reliability. HRSoft 2´s graphical user interface enables effortless process selection and operation for any user.


From S to M and L to XL.

*PCB format: length times width (each approx. max. limit): S = 300 x 250 mm; M = 390 x 285 (+x) mm; L = 535 x 300 mm; XL = 625 x 625 mm.

Technical Highlights

  • High-precision axis system (X, Y, Z) and high-resolution cameras
  • Automated component placement as well as soldering and desoldering processes
  • Hybrid heating head with two heating zones
  • Large-area, powerful IR underheating in three zones
  • Non-contact temperature measurement with digital sensor
  • Three K-type thermocouple inputs for Accu-TC sensor
  • Effective assembly cooling with compressed air

Rework System
Ersa HR 600/3P

  • Dimensions (WxDxH) in mm: 850 x 660 x 573
  • Weight in kg: 65
  • Anstistatic Design (y/n): yes
  • Power Rating in W: 3.200
  • Nominal Voltage in V AC: 220 V – 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 16 A
  • Top heating: hybrid radiator 800 W, in two zones, 60 x 60 mm
  • Bottom heating: IR heater (3x 800 W), 380 x 250 mm
  • Measuring channels: 3x K-type, 1x IRS
  • Position laser: Class II
  • PCB size in mm: up to 390 x 300 mm (+x), up to 535 x 300 mm (+x), (0HR600/3PL)
  • PCB size in mm: 1 x 1 mm up to 60 x 60 mm
  • Axis accuracy: up to +/- 25 µm
  • Top placement camera: 5 MP GigE color camera
  • Component camera bottom: 5 MP GigE black and white camera
  • Working distance (typical): 30-60 mm to top heater, 35 mm to bottom heater
  • Compressed air connection: 6-10 bar (oil-free). ¼ inch quick coupling
  • Air volume cooling: approx. 105 l/min (@ 6 bar)
  • Test symbol: CE
  • Operating software: HRSoft 2 – suitable for Windows 8 and Windows 10
  • Reflow process camera: 10.7 MP, CMOS GigE color camera, 50 mm focal length, 2x LED illumination, adjustable
  • AccuTC sensor without mounting
    K-type for the second measuring channel
    Article-No.: 0IR6500-37″
  • Thermocouple cable
    K-type, for the second measuring channel
    Article-No.: 0IR4510-02″
  • TE holder for HR 600/3P
    suitable for AccuTC and AccuTC 2.0
    Article-No.: 0HR640
  • Dip&Print Station
    0PR100 Well prepared: defined flux or solder paste application during rework
  • HR 600/3P Hybrid Rework System + RPC Camera
    Article-No.: 0HR600/3P-VER3


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