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Success Stories

Transforming visions into triumph

At Kurtz Ersa Asia, innovation and excellence merge to create a powerhouse of manufacturing achievements. With an unwavering commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions in the field of machine engineering, our Asian division has paved the way for groundbreaking successes across diverse industries. Through our relentless pursuit of perfection, we have transformed countless visions into tangible triumphs, revolutionizing the landscape of manufacturing in Asia and beyond.


The EV industry is a fast-paced business environment and dedication is needed to be successful. If you talk to the Maruhi Management team you feel immediately their dedication to their work and the positive vibes in their communication.

The Shanghai based Maruhi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. In 2018, Maruhi actively searched for an equipment production supplier that could provide high-quality equipment’s and quick-response service: The choice was towards Ersa with its over 100 years of experience in soldering. Since then, Marhui and Ersa have been working together on Marhui’s vision to “become an advanced intelligent manufacturing expert in the field of automotive electronic manufacturing service”.

“Ersa helps drive our production forward at a faster pace”, stated Barry Pei, the QC Director of Maruhi. Furthermore, he explained: “As major automotive manufacturers have already embarked on the transition to EV manufacturing, we are also moving into this fast lane and planning to extend a new factory with 22-28 SMT lines—which means higher requirements to choose more efficient and high-quality soldering equipment for a smooth production. We chose Ersa as our long-term partner without any hesitation, because Kurtz Ersa stands for the highest quality, reliability and quick response in our mind.”

Equipped with 2 Ersa selective soldering machines Versaflow 3/45, one Wave soldering machine Powerflow and 6 Reflow ovens, Hotflow 3/20, Maruhi has developed into a professional automotive supplier in China. As a professional supplier of SAIC Group, GAC Group, Geely Automobile, Great Wall Automobile, Weilai Automobile, Evergrande Automobile and other famous vehicle manufacturers, Maruhi targets to extend their portfolio and become the domestic automotive electronics manufacturing expert.

In the EV-industry the sustainability idea is every where present. In the same mindset, Maruhi and Kurtz Ersa are looking forward to extend the fruitful cooperation towards a sustainable future in terms of efficiency, savings, and long term thinking.


For over a century, Kurtz Ersa has been committed to building long-term, close relationships with our customers and other business partners based on our “one family” brand core. Our sustainable products and solutions are always in tune with the times and meet our customers’ needs for the highest quality.

A good example of a sustainable production solution with Chinese characteristics is the cooperation between Ersa and Nader. Nader “Future Factory” is planned to have a total investment of 2.38 billion RMB, with a production base covering 206 km2 and a building area of 270,000 square meters, and the annual output is expected to reach 10 billion RMB. The construction of the “future factory” has put forward higher requirements for smart production, and as soldering is an essential part of the production line, it is especially important to choose more efficient and high quality soldering equipment for the smooth construction of the whole project.

Nader has been committed to making its Haiyan factory a world-class production base for low-voltage electrical systems. The latest Hotlfow 3/20 10-temperature nitrogen reflow oven equipped with double tracks and double central support by Ersa fully integrates the forward-looking brand statement of “Nader creates the future with good products”. The nitrogen system in the reflow oven provides real-time closed-loop precision control of the nitrogen environment for reflow soldering of Yoshinobu products. The unique multi-point nozzle system provides powerful heat recovery and thermal compensation, and the built-in water cooling system with 4 temperature zones ensures the optimal cooling slope of 2-3 degrees/second when the solder joint is cooled. In addition, Ersa also provides a customized Nader build a solid, reliable and comprehensive collaborative manufacturing management platform.

In terms of wave soldering equipment selection, Ersa recommended the latest Powerflow tunnel type nitrogen-filled wave soldering for Nader, following to the concept of green and sustainable production. Since N2 can increase the fluidity and solderability of lead-free solder by 4 times, the Powerflow full nitrogen system can not only achieve 100% solder penetration rate of through-hole devices on Nader’s products to ensure product reliability, but also reduce 90% of dross generation, save 40% of flux, and reduce 50% of equipment maintenance workload, which is in line with Nader’s brand positioning of “Reliable and environmentally friendly” brand positioning and “professional and dedicated” corporate culture to achieve a perfect fit.

By building the “Future Factory” together with Nader and constructing the automated production line and flexible manufacturing system, Kurtz Ersa is proud to contribute to the construction of Nader’s sustainable green manufacturing system with high quality, high efficiency and fast delivery solutions, and to make new contributions to the sustainable development of the whole industry. In the future, Ersa will continue to uphold the belief of “Global. Ahead. Sustainable. “, and join hands with Nader to build a new level of smart manufacturing!



Even with seven percent growth, China remains the biggest and most important German trading partner. Despite the cautious economic activity, there are many flourishing business branches without standing future perspectives, like the field of electronic production equipment. This is a report from the MiddleKingdom, where the 100 % Kurtz-Ersa daughter –Kurtz Shanghai Limited, issuccessfullydoing business for 15 years.

Anyone who starts nowadays to put out feelers in Asia to become established there has a hard job to do. Kurtz Ersa on the contrary has been active there for many years: Already in 1988, Kurtz Far East was founded in Hong Kong, since 1990s, the Kurtz and Ersa systems were sold via distributors on the Chinese market. Soon Kurtz Ersa realized the multifold opportunities of the Chinese market – but in order to use them it was necessary to have direct contact to the customer. However, this is impossible without local products and application specialists or a nationwide distribution and service network with one’s own employees. Therefor Kurtz Shanghai Ltd. (KSL) was founded in 2001, starting with a small sales and service team for Kurtz forming machines. One year later the KSL portfolio was extended by the Ersa Tools range with soldering irons as well as rework and inspection systems, followed in 2006 by Ersa machines. KSL Manager David Chen who is heading the operative business for Ersa in Shanghai, was an essential part of the Kurtz Shanghai Ltd. success story from the beginning:
“We are positioned very well in China and cover nearly the whole electronic manufacturing market from the distribution office in Shanghai, a nationwide support with our Chinese application engineers, up to our manufacturing site in Zhuhai, the Kurtz Zhuhai Manufacturing Ltd, where the reflow soldering system HOTFLOW 3/20H is built. WHO´S WHO OF CHINESE ELECTRONIC

Since 2001 the KSL team has installed over 2500 machines and systems – so it is not surprising that the KSL customer list is the who’s who of Chinese Electronic manufacturing industries. Among them global players like Kimball Electronics with its production site in Nanjing, with 17 Ersa systems installed worldwide. The initial contact of KSL and Kimball Electronics took place in 2008 and today four VERSAFLOW selective soldering systems and one HOTFLOW reflow soldering system are installed in the Kimball Electronics production. Asked for the main reasons for investing in Ersa systems, Kimball Electronics Manufacturing Director Avis Zhang answered, “Leading technology and good service” adding, “Concerning reflow soldering we achieve the best temperature stability and a low N2-consumption with the HOTFLOW. Also in selective soldering with the VERSAFLOW the closedloop function and live monitoring are features to achieve a stable process for a high-level output. As Manufacturing Director, Avis Zhang regularly visits the trade fairs NEPCON and Productronica to keep track of the latest trends in electronic productions that are developed in the Ersa headquarters in Wertheim, Germany and which are then introduced in cooperation with Kurtz Shanghai Ltd on the trade fairs in Shanghai.

Besides the catchpenny performances on Asia’s trade fair stages Avis Zhang appreciates the possibility to experience the Ersa systems in a production-like surrounding and to put assemblies through their paces in the Ersa demo centers. This is possible in Shenzhen and since spring 2016 also in Shanghai, where the performance and flexibility two selective soldering systems, either a VERSAFLOW 3/45 or a SMARTFLOW 2020, can be tested. Of course, both Ersa demo centers are ideal places for workshops on soldering specific topics or for systematic staff trainings, too.

These services are widely accepted therefor further machines will extend the Shanghai demo center and the upgrade to an application center with flexible office workspace is already in progress. Furthermore Manufacturing Director Avis Zhang is convinced of the “the fast responses of the KSL engineers and the absolute determination to continuously improve alongside their customers.” The extended networking abilities of the service engineers, who communicate in real-time via chat to be able to establish a fast solution in one of the largest and most populous regions of the world, contributes to this strength. One can eagerly look forward to the further developments in the Middle Kingdom. Good luck to the KSL team!


Fantastic factory in the forest

The Paramit Corporation is a California-based “zero-defect” manufacturer of high-end medical equipment. In November 2016, the American company opened its second facility in Malaysia, doubling its capacity in Southeast Asia. Like the headquarters in the US, the “factory in the forest” strives for a quality of product and equipment that is “better than the best-in-class”. For uncompromising top quality in soldering, the company now calls on to five Ersa systems: 2x wave, 2x reflow, 1x selective.

Customers, who have their medical devices manufactured by the company from California, do not just receive products which comply with the strict criteria of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – they actually get a lot more. The founder and CEO of the company, Billoo Rataul, puts it like this: “Quality is decisive, but the Paramit experience goes much further: The motor for our corporate culture is the passion for constant improvement and smart problem-solving approaches. We consistently supply our customers with superb performance and peace of mind. Over many years, the team has developed an outstanding production standard by concentrating on printed circuit board production at Six-Sigma quality levels, combined with the patented vPoke system, which enables defect-free mechanical assembly. This computer-directed system breaks down assembly and testing of a complex product into hundreds or thousands of process steps, each of which is validated, verified, and documented. In assembly, we come very, very close to the zero-defect ideal – at a rate of under 1 DPMO (defects per million opportunities)! With a sophisticated 100 % in-line soldering process layout, 3D inspection of the soldering paste application, fast machine set-up for high-mix environments, multiproduct-single-setup algorithms, automated in-line inspection and process validation, we achieve an almost unbelievable quality level of 10 DPMO – by comparison: the highest IPC standard achieved in a high-mix low-volume environment is 30 DPMO.

Zero-defect approach, extreme performance In addition to the current product range, the new factory in Malaysia will increasingly focus on medical devices– of course with the same zero-defect approach that also applies in the US, supported by a perfect mix of quality in SMT production, 100 % just-in-time delivery of finished products, and an efficiency level exceeding even the high Six Sigma specifications. From the ground up, the facility in Penang Science Park replicated the design, concept, and function of the US headquarters in California. Which also includes the seamless integration of the company’s own performance processes to better than best-in-class level in terms of quality, adherence to delivery schedules, customer service, and costs. The idea of an environment-friendly factory,
perfectly adapted to the Malaysian climate, originated with the company’s CEO– the holistic concept and the design of the building were supplied by a French architect. Everything addresses environment- friendly energy efficiency – from the in-slab, water-based cooling system, to the climate-regulating effect of the shade created by the canopy of trees. The numerous plants are irrigated using rainwater collected in huge tanks located under the car parks. In addition, energy-saving LED lamps are used and the production facility is primarily supplied with natural light through large-scale windows.

The Malaysian facility combines this environment-friendly approach with an open office concept with gardens and waterfalls on multiple levels and meeting spaces which, as required, provide more space or allow employees to work undisturbed. The new 15,000 m2 factory is said to be Malaysia’s largest facility for the production of complex medical devices, realizing sophisticated systems for genetic and molecular testing, robotic surgery, and cancer treatment. Existing customers, for whom the company produces industrial products such as gas and fire protection systems, electrical and digital measuring devices, automotive heating elements, and agricultural management applications, will also benefit from the additional capacity. “Our expansion in Asia allows us to provide more sophisticated and tailored offerings to our regional customers – bringing new levels of speed-to-market and peace of mind to our customers,” says Mr. Rataul, on the strategic orientation in the Malaysian market, which is enjoying a particular boom in the medical devices industry – laterally displaying double-figure growth rates. The greenest production in Malaysia Back to the core of what is probably Malaysia’s greenest factory, the Paramit Malaysia manufacturing facility: “Of course, we were familiar with the concept of our new factory. But moving our 50 plant systems within just one day was still a major challenge. Nonetheless, we succeeded in setting up very quickly – with everything running smoothly within just one week,” says Chong Chit Leon, Section Manager Equipment Engineering. All production processes are subject to the highest standards – with the use of smart information and communication technology, such as automatic optic inspection (AOI) in order to uncover and eliminate any possible defects. “Our aim is to engage in dialogue with our customers at a very early stage in the product and board designs – allowing us to make our extensive engineering know-how available for efficient production. In this way, we achieve a speedy new product introduction and a shorter ‘time to market’, which is more economical for both sides,” adds Chong Chit Leon.

The company in Malaysia is increasingly relying on the support of system supplier Ersa – since entering the market in 2011. Those responsible for production have ordered soldering systems for different requirements through the Singapore-based Ersa representative, Long Shine Equipment and Supplies Pte, which also looks after the Malaysian market. “For us as sub-contractors, the greatest benefit of the Ersa equipment is that it permits high-mix in every direction – for example, the Powerflow N2 full tunnel nitrogen wave soldering plant can handle all types of products. This gives us great flexibility in our manufacturing,” says Chong Chit Leon. With the company’s strategic focus moving towards medical devices and life science instruments, and an increase of customer inquiries having also been received, more intensive attention was paid to selective soldering. Not only is this a high-performance and flexible soldering technology, it also fulfills all the criteria laid down for the high quality standards that apply in medical devices. Three companies were shortlisted during the purchasing process; in the end, the contract went to Ersa – specifically for the Versaflow 3/66 selective soldering system. In addition to the performance capacity of the plant, the link-up to corresponding service and support was a significant deciding factor.

The team had also already seen and thoroughly tested the systems in the supplier’s showroom in Penang. Soundly-based expertise for the soldering process at present, Ersa’s worldwide presence is not all that decisive. In Malaysia, the main focus is on industrial products, with the recent addition of medical devices. Contact is mainly through the Long Shine representative in Singapore. “When it comes to the Ersa soldering expertise and the constant improvement of our processes, we work closely with the colleagues from Long Shine who are thoroughly familiar with the processes of the Ersa equipment,” says Chong Chit Leon. In order to maintain the good business relationship among the three partners, it is also important that wear and spare parts be available in Malaysia, for first and second level support. If the worst case scenario were to occur, Paramit would need immediate support, since spare parts are not stocked on site. Stocking these parts would be too expensive and the “right” spare would probably not be available right away. The team knows that, with the comprehensive process solution that is offered by Long Shine and Ersa, they are always on the safe side– first class service and support are definitely of the essence. As a global player, Ersa is undoubtedly a good partner for Paramit when it comes to further expansion plans.


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