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HOTFLOW 3: Reflow Soldering Machine for maximum flexibility

The Ersa Reflow Soldering Machine HOTFLOW 3 uses patented Ersa heating technology for optimum heat transfer with minimal energy and nitrogen consumption. In terms of productivity to footprint ratio, the Ersa reflow soldering system sets the industry standard. Double to quadruple transport options enable amazing throughput increases without additional floor space. With up to four transport speeds, precisely adjusted transport widths, a wide variety of assemblies can be processed on the system.

Highlights HOTFLOW 3/20 XL

  • Dual, triple and quad track transport increases
  • Motor basic cooling top/bottom
  • Optimized heat transfer, minimized Delta T, zone
    separation & temperature controlled cooling
  • “On-The-Fly” maintenance under N2 atmosphere
    reduces downtime
  • Switchable internal/external cooling unit
  • 100 % tested process tunnel (gas sealed)
  • Lowest energy and N2 consumption
  • Best machine uptime
  • Without any tool retractable heating modules
  • Energy efficient blower motors
  • Ultra Low-Mass Center Support

Basic configuration

  • 7 top-side preheating zones,
    3 top and bottom-side peak zones
  • Cooling step 1,
    basic cooling from the top and bottom side
  • Working width of 720mm
  • Adjustable fan speed (cooling and peak zone)
  • Temperature monitoring of the cooling zone
  • Top and bottom-side motor cooling
  • Energy consumption management
  • Automatic chain lubrication
  • 100% tested process tunnel (gas sealed)
  • Heating and cooling modules retractable
    without any tools


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