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Powerful wave soldering system POWERFLOW

Technology Highlights

Powerful wave soldering system with attractive price/performance ratio

    • Modular, flexible and individually expandable preheating concept – can be configured variably in terms of length and output (can also be retrofitted)
    • Monitoring and documentation of all process-relevant data > ready for traceability
    • Compact N2 tunnel available for production under nitrogen

Technical data
Wave Soldering System

  • Length: 4,200 to 4,950 mm
  • Width: approx. 1,515 mm
  • Height: approx. 1,565 mm
  • Finger transport
  • Max. conveyor speed 2.5 m/min
  • Max. working width 508 mm
  • Preheat module bottom-side:
    • Dynamic short-wave emitter – max. 10.4 kW (power controlled)
    • Medium-wave emitter, max. 6 kW (controlled)
    • Dimensions: 600 mm length each
  • Solder module:

    • Capacity: ca. 9,8 kW
    • Solder volume: approx. 820 kg lead-free alloy
    • Solder temperature: max. 300 °C


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Hotline: 400-876-1779