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HOTLINE: 400-876-1779


Global Service, Sales and Support

Around the world, our service technicians are on duty 24/7 to respond to customer needs and requests. Our global service network consists of around 200 service employees and representatives with their own service teams and spare parts warehouses.

Unbeatable Top Service

Service, Maintenance & Repair

Here you can expect the best service and sales network in electronics manufacturing. Operated by competent service technicians with years of experience.

24/7 availability

For our customers, our global service and sales network is permanently in operation. So that we can always respond and react immediately to increasing demands on the electronics industry.

Remote Service

On-site deployment is often not even necessary. Intelligently networked machines allow our technicians to become active remotely. Remotely connected, problems can be detected and rectified directly. Uncomplicated and efficient.

Training Offers

To ensure that you are always up to date with the latest knowledge, we offer you the Ersa know-how seminar series. A variety of practice-oriented formats ensures a knowledge transfer perfectly tailored to your needs. Training for manual soldering workers is also available through our certified training centers. Whatever your qualification needs, you will find it here.

Ersa Service App

Mobile Service

Our mobile service solution digitizes orders, accelerates processes and reduces transport and waiting times. Redundancies in work steps and time-consuming data management are completely avoided. And our service technicians can get started right away in most cases.

Responsive planning

All service requests are quickly and easily recorded and forwarded to the appropriate departments. In this way, they receive all the information they need. And your machines can resume operation within the shortest possible time.

All at Hand

Thanks to our mobile service solution, our technicians can access all information digitally. Relevant data and information are available at the click of a button. All service-relevant business processes run via the central SAP software – including the mobile service process.

Our Services

For a fast process start-up with a newly installed Ersa soldering system, we offer expert support in machine handling. Together, optimal process parameters are determined in the shortest possible time. So that you can get started!

You have process-related difficulties with a product or a product group? Ersa process support helps you to find a solution. X-ray systems are available in all Ersa service centers to verify the correct and optimal soldering process.

Order spare parts 24/7 and receive them within 24 hours. That is our claim. In our webshop you will find numerous spare and wear parts. All systems for hand soldering, rework and optical inspection are also available there. Our decentralized, SAP-controlled spare parts warehouse gets all orders on their way as quickly as possible.

In our application centers, you can carry out initial or pilot series production. This allows process parameters to be optimized in advance and throughput to be simulated. For test production and rework jobs, you can adjust further parameters with us in advance. And should the need arise, we can produce the complete pilot series for you.

Application Centers

In our demo and application centers you have worldwide access to the Ersa product range and the support of our local staff.


Do you have questions about our products and services? Contact us, we are here for you!

Hotline: 400-876-1779