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THT Solutions

Good connections - worldwide!

Unleash the power of Through-Hole Technology (THT) with Kurtz Ersa’s exceptional soldering solutions. With our wide range of wave soldering machines, selective soldering machines, soldering robots, and soldering tools, we empower designers and engineers to harness the enduring strength and reliability of THT. While THT components may have taken a backseat to surface-mount technology (SMT), they offer rock-solid connections that withstand mechanical stress, extreme temperatures, and environmental challenges. By combining the efficiency of SMT with the stability of THT through our mixed technology solutions, Kurtz Ersa enables you to embrace innovation without bounds. Experience the best of both worlds with our comprehensive product portfolio and revolutionize the way you connect the world of electronics.

Selective Solder Systems

"Best in Class" Soldering Systems from the World Leader in Selective

Wave Soldering Systems

Contemporary wave soldering with Air and N2 tunnel machines

Robot Soldering

Energy-efficient robot soldering with max. solder quality and performance