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HOTFLOW 3/20 si - well-proven reflow oven for perfect production of semiconductor applications

With thousands of delivered HOTFLOWs, the Ersa reflow platform stands for itself in the SMT industry. The well-proven and sophisticated technology is with the HOTFLOW 3/20 si now also available for the production of semicon related application like SiP (System in Package), Flip Chip and LED Flip Chip etc. In addition to the core features like an optimized heat transfer, the temperature profile can be flexible adjusted to the thermal requirements of the application.

Moreover a lowest ΔT is given for all kinds of profile settings. A further key function is the advanced nitrogen closed loop control. An intelligent algorithm detects trends of increasing or decreasing rest oxygen level and balances the nitrogen injection in an early stage. Thus an operational rest oxygen level of 20 or 50 ppm is achieved with an efficient and minimal consumption of nitrogen. All kinds of application shapes and geometries can be processed via the full area mesh conveyor. The conveyor runs in a full stainless steel tunnel. In order to minimize the maintenance efforts an innovative flux management systems “Smart Elements” can be integrated. The smart elements force molecules to fragmentation at a low temperature. The fragmented particles are then in a different stage at which they don´t contaminate the mechanical stainless parts of the HOTFLOW 3/20 si anymore. Aside from the hardware, the software provides full connectivity features for MES and industry 4.0 applications. Likewise communication via SECS/GEM is also possible.

Highlights HOTFLOW 3/20 si

  • Optimized heat transfer,
    minimized Δ T, zone separation &
    temperature controlled cooling
  • Low energy and N2 consumption
  • Maximum machine availability


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Hotline: 400-876-1779