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HOTFLOW 3e: Energy-efficient reflow system for max. throughput

The Ersa Reflow Soldering Machine HOTFLOW 3e is a full-fledged reflow soldering system from the HOTFLOW family and delivers best soldering results due to its thermal performance, its good cross profile and best zone separation. The “e” stands for “efficency”.  The product development thus already emphasized the special economic efficiency of the system in the product designation. For the design, Ersa drew on the know-how and wealth of experience of the Reflow success story.

Highlights HOTFLOW 3/20 e

  • Productivity increase through double transport
  • Optimized energy transfer, minimized ΔT and increased zone separation
  • Internal cooling
  • Removable heating modules top and bottom
  • Low energy consumption
  • Extreme low-mass center support
  • ERSASOFT process data recording
  • User-friendly ERSASOFT machine control system
  • Auto profiler for rapid offline profiling


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Hotline: 400-876-1779