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Kurtz Ersa continues growth course in 2022

In particular, the strong growth markets in the electronics industry have contributed to the positive business development. The key figures continue to be extremely stable this year and provide a very good basis for sustainable growth. The outlook for 2023 is also positive. The company plans to continue expanding its business volume in 2023 and, in the best-case scenario.

The shortage of skilled workers is becoming an important circumstance on which Kurtz Ersa is working intensively. Currently, the company employs about 1,500 people and has been able to fill more than 100 positions, creating new jobs, thanks to increased recruiting efforts. “In addition to the parts shortage, we also have a shortage of skilled workers, which is holding back further growth,” says CFO Thomas Mühleck, who is also responsible for human resources. “We are primarily looking in the areas of digitization and software development – this is where we would like to further expand capacities and know-how. Kurtz Ersa continues to be an attractive employer for its employees. Of the 40 apprenticeship positions, all 40 could be filled.”

The measures of the “GoGreen250” sustainability initiative, with which the company aims to be CO2-neutral by its 250th anniversary, are developing encouragingly. In 2022, emissions (Scope 1 and 2) were reduced by around 50% compared to the previous year. For our activities, Kurtz Ersa was awarded the ESG rating (“Environment, Social and Governance”) in bronze, which measures the voluntary contribution of companies to sustainable development that goes beyond the legal requirements. “We look back on a very successful year,” says Kurtz Ersa CEO Ralph Knecht. “With great team spirit, we were able to achieve top performances in various areas of the company. In addition to the Geo-Award at ‘Factory of the Year’ and various prizes, such as the IKU Award for our innovations, our HR department was able to win the BestPersAward for best HR work in medium-sized companies. So we are well equipped for an exciting 2023.”