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Kurtz Ersa Zhuhai Annual Dinner Concluded Successfully

On January 17th, 2024, Kurtz Ersa Zhuhai successfully held a unique annual dinner as the first time after the epidemic. The theme of the dinner was ” Moving Forward, Endless ” to show the unity and fighting spirit of the company’s employees. The event brought together the wisdom and enthusiasm of Kurtz Ersa people and showed the vitality and vigor of the company. As a supplier of total soldering solutions for electronics manufacturing and a well-known machinery manufacturer, Kurtz Ersa Zhuhai’s annual meeting has become a highlight of the industry.

The fun games were held in small groups, with each group giving a unique name and showing their own skill. The competition was divided into several programs, including volleyball, iron ring relay race, etc. These special programs made the whole sports meeting livelier and more interesting, and each program inspired the employees’ passion and fighting spirit. The competition among the participating groups was fierce, and they did their best to show the spirit of perseverance and hard work.

The dinner party was carefully planned and prepared by the local employees, which showing the talent and teamwork ability of the company’s employees. The performances included dances, songs, skits, comedies, and other forms that not only showcased the artistic and performing talents of the employees, but also added a touch of bright color to the entire dinner.

The lucky draw session brought the atmosphere of the whole dinner to a climax, and the lucky employees reaped all kinds of generous prizes, ending this unforgettable night full of joy and memories.

This celebration is not only the annual dinner of Kurtz Ersa Zhuhai, but also the first annual dinner of the company since the outbreak of covid. All the difficulties caused by the epidemic did not stop the employees of Kurtz Ersa Zhuhai from moving forward together, on the contrary, they strengthened their faith, stood firm at their posts and made positive contributions to the development of the company with practical actions.

Kurtz Ersa Zhuhai has been committed to the research and development and production of electronic welding equipment and foam casting equipment, adhering to the ” Global. Ahead. Sustainable. “, and the constant pursuit of excellence. Through this annual meeting, not only let the staff feel the company’s care and attention, but also show the cohesion of Kurtz Ersa Zhuhai team and the spirit of upward progress.

These events, full of unity and joy, will inject more positive energy into the future development of Kurtz Ersa Zhuhai. It is believed that under the joint efforts of the excellent management team and all employees, Kurtz Ersa Zhuhai will continue to maintain the leading position in the industry, make continuous innovation and progress in the field of electronic soldering equipment, provide customers with better products and services, and contribute more to the development of the industry.